Behavioural Consultations

The aim of a behaviour consult is to look at the problem from a neutral perspective as there is always alot of emotion and stress for everyone when a dog has behavioural issues. Each session is designed for your dog and your problem and situation, with support and written notes for the first session.

A behaviour form is the first step so I can look at what you may need and what I can offer and do you a costing.

What will I do?

  • Take as much history as possible
  • Assess the dog and see the behaviour in the situation where needed, not always needed.
  • Identify a solution that fits into your situation and environment and explain all this too you.
  • Write a plan for you to follow
  • Provide support by email and phone.
  • Follow up visits if necessary, as many as you feel you need.

What you get

  • A Honest, objective opinion with realistic targets and goals for changing the behaviour.
  • As an owner you will be expected to be honest and update me regularly as requested
  • A full explanation as to why your dog is behaving in that manner. If I consider that  your dog’s issue can not be resolved then the session will be shorter and charged accordingley.
Behavioural work starts from £80
and range to £250
Follow up sessions are arranged as needed.
For more information
or call 07551 771341