Animal Communication

Animal communication is a fairly new, exciting field in which humans and animals are able to convey thoughts and feelings to each other at a deeper level than that at which we usually communicate with our animals.

I initially attended an animal communication workshop run by James French, and have since gone on to qualify as an Animal Communication Practitioner. Practitioners have to demonstrate their skills to Vets, Behaviourists and other Animal Professionals in order to pass the rigorous assessment process.

In order to communicate with your animal, all I would need is a photograph, their name, age and sex. I also need to know whether the animal is alive, or has passed away. I don’t charge for the initial connection, which involves me contacting your animal and checking with you that I have the correct animal. The next stage is for you to ask the questions that you would like answering the fee for this is £1 a minute. You can set a limit for your communication.

The less I know about your animal before the communication the easier it is.

I have used my animal communication skills to for lots of things, to find out why the relationship between two dogs seems to have changed, to ask what is bothering an animal etc.

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